Edge Browser Introduces Secret Crypto Wallet: Take Control of Your Funds!

• Microsoft is experimenting with a built-in non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for its Edge browser.
• The wallet would support crypto payments, DeFi and Web3 applications, NFTs across major marketplaces, and the ability to buy cryptocurrencies through Coinbase and MoonPay.
• Other web browsers such as Opera and Brave have also added support for their own crypto wallets in recent times.

Microsoft Experiments With Crypto Wallet

Microsoft has been quietly testing a built-in non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for its Edge browser. According to screenshots shared by software researcher Albacore, Microsoft is experimenting with a built-in non-custodial crypto wallet that can be used for crypto payments or as a gateway to DeFi and Web3 applications. The wallet’s introductory pages do not indicate which cryptocurrencies are supported but users will have the option to manually add custom tokens. The screenshots further depict a user interface for a cryptocurrency wallet, a decentralized application explorer, a news feed, and the ability to buy cryptocurrency through Coinbase and MoonPay.

NFT Support

The experiments with the crypto wallet come as Microsoft has been involved with the crypto space in numerous ways. Specifically, the tech giant has shown great interest in the metaverse. However, Microsoft has recently discontinued its Industrial Metaverse Core team, a four-month-old project aimed to encourage the use of the metaverse in industrial environments. Moreover, users would also be able to buy and browse NFTs across major marketplaces with this wallet according to screenshots which reads: “Browse different marketplaces to find your first NFT, as you build your collection of NFTs we’ll organize them here.”

Microsoft’s Security Measures

Microsoft emphasizes security measures during onboarding process saying “This is a non custodial wallet meaning you are in complete control of your funds. We will not have access to your password and recovery key.” It is embedded in Edge making it easy to use without installing any extensions or having separate accounts set up on other platforms or exchanges.

Other Browsers Offering Crypto Wallets

Microsoft Edge is not the first web browser to include a crypto wallet; A number of other major web browsers have recently added support for built-in crypto wallets as adoption grows. For example Opera has been supporting cryptocurrencies since 2018 initially adding this feature on mobile before extending it over desktop back in 2019; More recently they strengthened their push into cryptos by adding browser wallet support for multiple new blockchain networks such as Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Ronin (RON). Similarly Brave has had their own crypto wallets known as Brave Payments since April 2020 allowing users access Bitcoin payments while supporting Ethereum (ETH) based assets too like ERC20 tokens etc..


In conclusion more browsers provide cryptocurrency wallets showing growing adoption within this sector despite some setbacks like Microsoft discontinuing its Industrial Metavurse Core team due layoffs amounting up 100 people working on this project; Nevertheless these experiments show promising progress towards digital asset acceptance within society worldwide whether it be buying/selling them or storing them securely on our favorite browsers!