Binance Restores TORN Deposits, Moves Tornado Cash Into Innovation Zone

• Binance has resumed TORN deposits on the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain networks.
• The exchange also decided to move TORN into the Innovation Zone by May 30, 2023.
• This comes after an attack occurred on the privacy-focused crypto mixer Tornado Cash DAO.

Binance Resumes TORN Deposits

Major crypto exchange Binance has reopened TORN deposits, days after an attack occurred on the privacy-focused crypto mixer Tornado Cash DAO. The exchange announced that it had resumed deposits for TORN on the Ethereum (ETH) network and Binance’s own BNB Smart Chain.

The Incident

The “recent incident” refers to a hack which took place on May 20th, where an unidentified attacker or group of attackers gained control of the DAO managing operations and funds of Tornado Cash. The attacker used a malicious proposal that hid a code which granted them fake votes within the DAO, allowing them to withdraw and sell 10,000 votes as TORN and maliciously mint over 1 million TORN tokens valued at over $4 million. Following this incident, the Tornado Cash community proposed to revert these changes in order to restore their state of governance. Yesterday, it was revealed that the hacker gave up power over the service while laundering digital tokens plundered during the attack via swapping most of their stolen TORN 483,000 into ETH 472.

Binance Response

In response to these events, Binance announced a temporary pause on TORN deposits immediately after the attack occured in order to protect users from further damage from possible future attacks or hacks. After evaluating user feedback and reviews regarding this decision as well as due to proposal being passed and executed that restored governance in TOrnado Cash’s DAO, they have now decided to resume deposits for both ETH network and its own BNB Smart Chain network for TORN token holders.

Tornado Cash Moved Into Innovation Zone

In addition to resuming deposits for TORN tokens ,Binance also decided to move Tornado Cash into its Innovation zone by May 30th based off recent reviews regarding project developments . Projects placed in this zone will be closely monitored going forward according with regulations set forth by Biance itself .


In conclusion , following an attack experienced by Tornada cashs’ decentralised autonomous organisation ,Bianace has made efforts towards restoring security protocols by reopening deposis for Torn tokens ,monitoring projects placed within its innovation zone as well as moving Tornada cashs’ protocol into said innovation zone .